B2B offers.

Here we offer our youngplants for nurseries, webshops and others. 

We Supply tropical seeds, palmseeds, tea-seads, Coffee arabica seeds for webshops and growers in Europe. Please ask by contact page for our current stocklist for Tropicals seeds and Tropical youngplants.



 Assortment oa : 

Chamaedorea elegans

Dypsis lutescens

Coffee arabica

Camelliia sinensis

Rhapsi excelsa

Streltizia variaties

Monstera delicosa 

Bismarckia nobilis


Wodyettia bifurcata en much more.

Lots of seeds only in season.

We have current stocklist of our customers in europe.


Availible youngplants of :  

  1. Chamaedorea elegans 
  2. Dypsis lutescens
  3. Cofea arabica
  4. Rhapis excelsa
  5. Caryota mitis
  6. Rhapis excelsa
  7. Streltizia nicolai
  8. Streltizia reginea
  9. Wodyettia bifurcata 
  10. Citrus histrix
  11. Phoenix roebelinii 
  12. Camelia sinensis 
  13. Spaanse mos




Hyophorbe lagencaulis



Camellia sinensis





 Inform for prices at the contactpage or send a email to : contact@palmenuitrotterdam.nl

We have a price list with availible stock of seeds and youngplants



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